How To Become A Lawyer Without A Degree in UK and US

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A law degree is not required to practice law in the UK and the US. If you want to practice law, you can do this as a legal executive without any degree. But to work as an executive, you have a minimum requirement which is GCSEs or its equivalent qualification.

What is a legal executive ?

The work of a legal executive is usually similar to that of a barrister. Also, there are some special areas of legal executive such as family law, employment law etc. Apart from these, the legal executive can register his presence in any court. Legal executives need more qualification to appear in higher court. The field of work of a legal executive is similar to that of a barrister but has certain limitations.

The legal executive can complete his qualification to become a solicitor or barrister. He works as a legal executive under a law firm until the legal executive has the qualification to become a solicitor.

How much can a legal executive earn ?

When the legal executive is working under a law firm, his salary ranges from 15000 to 28000 Great Britain pounds. But when the executive completes his training, then his earnings range from 35000 to 55000 Great Britain pounds. If a legal executive works as a partner in a firm, then his earnings are divided according to the partnership.

Process to become a legal executive

To become a legal executive, the following are necessary :

  • To become a legal executive of any institute, a fee of £ 50 Great Britain per year is incurred.
  • It is necessary to have a professional diploma of ILEX Level 3 or a professional diploma of ILEX Level 6. This diploma comes under Law and Practice. The total cost for this diploma is £ 7000 Great Britain. If you join this course full time, then it takes 2 years and part time 4 years. If you work under a firm while doing the course, then some post also pays your firm.
    If you want to become a flower legal executive, then you must have a working experience of at least 5 years.
  • Out of these 5 years, the time of your diploma is also counted by 2 or 4 years.

Conclusion :

Now you must have understood that you do not need to have the same degree as a solicitor or barrister to work as a lawyer in the UK and US. If you want to work as a legal executive, then people can join the law firm and become its member.

In this article, we have explained what a legal executive is and how it works. At the same time, we have also explained the process of how you can become a legal executive while studying and how much the earning of a legal executive is.

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