Tips on Designing Your Own Flower Garden

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What is going on in your flower garden? Too often, the ugly truth is, “way too much” is going on. It is easy to let an overly-large flower garden go wild, but some creative editing can bring some order to the chaos. Choose two different shades, or at least one contrasting shade (such as blue and green).

Designing Your Own Flower Garden

If the flowers in the garden are reds, then there is one rule for choosing a shade of red. If the flowers are purple or orange, then the color must be one of those two colors, and the other colors should contrast that one. Do not use pink and purple, because pink is not a true color. The same applies to orange and purple; purple is just another shade of orange.


Do not plant your garden near a fence or wall. This will cause the colors to clash and will look horrible. Also, do not plant near a wall when the sun is shining through the fence. The heat from the sun will cause the colors to contrast. Instead, plant directly under the shade of a fence.


When choosing a type of container for your flower garden, plant different flower plants side by side, and fill them up. This will allow you to see how much room is left.

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Plant a variety of different flower plants, but make sure they are in opposite directions. For instance, plant the white roses to the east and the pink roses to the west. If you plant your white rose plants on the east, then the pink will grow west and vice versa.


In addition, it is helpful if you have different colors of grass, rocks, and shrubs in your flower gardens. Different colors will help the colors of your flowers, and plants to contrast. For example, if you choose a white garden with a small amount of purple grass, then you will have an attractive color scheme.


In addition, you may want to try planting flowers in different areas of your flower garden. A very beautiful effect can be achieved by planting the same kind of flower in different places. This is especially important if you have an odd shape garden, such as a rectangle garden, or a round garden.


Finally, do not forget to check into your local ordinances regarding flower gardening. Some cities have specific requirements as to how many flowers you can have per acre. Some require a certain amount of flowers, while others may require a different amount. This can affect the type of plants that you can grow.


However, flowers can still be planted all over your yard. This means that your neighbors will have to compete with your garden. If you plan on selling your home, then having your garden in a good neighborhood could keep you from having to put up with rude neighbors.


A nice flower garden can be a beautiful addition to any home. Just think about the look and feel of your home being decorated with beautiful flowers.


Flowers also bring nature indoors. They are beautiful inside, but they look even more wonderful outdoors. A garden full of flowers in your house will create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. You can sit by the window and watch the world go by without even trying to do it.


One advantage of having a flower garden is that you do not have to worry about being out in the elements all day long. No more shoveling snow. All you need to do is plant flowers, and they will take care of themselves. All that you need to do is take care of the flowers themselves.


Finally, you can add flowers to your landscape and use them for decorations when you do not have enough plants in your yard. Flowers add color and beauty to your landscaping, and they are a lot cheaper than growing trees.

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