LLB Law in UK | Requirements And Course Details

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If you want to see your career as a solicitor and barrister then LLB law degree in UK is a good option for you. LLB Law degree is also known as Bachelor of Law degree. This degree is equivalent to BA and BSc in India. If you are pursuing LLB Law degree it means you are preparing for Solicitors qualifying exam.

LLB Law in UK

If a student has interest in politics, business or law, then LLB law degree is the primary for him. The first step to become a solicitor and barrister is a Bachelor’s degree of Law in UK. There are certain qualifications and requirements for a law degree in the United Kingdom, the details of which are given below.

LLB Law Course Details

The LLB Law course in UK ends in approximately 3 years. Students are taught by renowned solicitors and judges in UK law universities. The advantage of taking LLB course in UK is that solicitors and judges try to explain law to you practically and hone your skills.

If you finish Bachelor’s degree in law then you can become secretary of any company or high court judge. If you do this degree from a university in the United Kingdom, then you are going to get the best quality education. Also, you can do this course by taking classes on the university campus and can also complete it online as well.

Generally LLB Law course is completed in 3 years but you can complete it sooner according to your need. With this 3 year course, if you have enough time, you can also complete the foundation year before the course. If you can not go to university, then you can also complete this course online and you can easily get this course in any UK university.


This article provides all the details of LLB Law degree for students aspiring to become barrister or solicitor in UK. We have mentioned all the details of the course for taking LLB Law degree.

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