Importance of Knowing Soil PH And How To Check

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Soil pH is very important for plants in order to survive and grow. If your soil has an acidic pH level, then it means that your plants won’t grow as well and you should try to restore the acidic soil pH level. You can do this with a soil PH test kit that contains an indicator kit and a pH meter.

Importance of Knowing Soil Ph

Soil pH Testers are used in order to test soil pH and indicate the optimal level of pH needed by the plants. This will help you keep your plants healthy and grow them properly. It will also be easier for you to determine if your plant growth is healthy or not. You can also use the pH meter to help you monitor the changes in the plant’s growth.


Indicator kits come in different sizes depending on what you need them for. There are even small portable kits that are suitable for your every day gardening. You can easily carry one kit along with you wherever you go. The indicator kits use pH in a number of ways; firstly they show you if your soil is acidic or alkaline. They also provide data on the amount of water, nutrients and other things required for the plants to grow properly.


Another advantage of using an indicator kit is that they are less expensive than purchasing a test kit. They are also less complex and they don’t require you to buy special equipment to use them. Indicator kits are also very simple to use and they can be carried easily anywhere. And if you have a lot of plants in your garden, then you can purchase multiple indicator kits to monitor each and every plant and its growth.

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A pH meter is another important tool that you should have when it comes to testing your soil pH; you should be able to easily read the test results and know if you need to adjust or improve the soil in order to grow your plants properly. This is very important especially in the vegetable garden, where most of the plants have a similar pH level and if you find that the soil is too acidic for them then you can simply add a little potassium, nitrogen or potassium nitrate fertilizer to the soil to bring it back to its correct pH level. In addition, you can also add potassium boronate fertilizer to bring back the proper level of potassium.


You can also check your soil’s levels manually with a soil sampling kit but these can be quite time consuming and if you don’t know the right amount to add you might waste time and money. Most of the times, the soil samples will give you good readings but some are inaccurate so you will have to wait until you get them to make sure that the pH is the right level for your plants.


Soil pH meters come with kits that you can easily fill up to the proper amount and use them to test your soil for an hour and then you can read the results and adjust accordingly. But, there is a drawback to using soil pH meters; one thing you should remember is that there is no guarantee that it will give you the exact reading since the soil is never perfectly dried. The meter may give you the reading from the dry soil but it won’t show you the actual reading after a few hours when the soil has been watered.


Soil pH meter is very reliable and useful but it doesn’t do anything to increase the soil’s moisture content and it doesn’t increase the nutrient content either. So, when buying a soil pH meter always be sure to check the label for the proper use before buying one. Always remember that proper moisture content and nutrient content are important for the plants as well as the soil itself, and you should always consider these factors when buying a soil pH meter.

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